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Gamereactor UK
Project Remedium

Today on GR Live: Project Remedium

We sample the action game set inside the human body.

Project Remedium from developer Atomic Jelly and publisher PlayWay recently launched on Steam and on today's Gamereactor Live we'll play a couple of hours of the unusual shooter. The game lets you play as Nano+, a nanobot who lives his life inside a human body that suffering from illness and other unfortunate circumstances. The concept at a glance reminds us a bit of Once Upon A Time... Life, but then again we'll take any opportunity to mention the work of Albert Barillé.

Anyway, we'll be playing Project Remedium for two hours starting at 3:00 pm BST (16:00 CEST) over on the Gamereactor Live page. Join us for an inner body experience...

Project Remedium